From the recording Many miles away



Why would you do a thing like that?

Hey, you woke me up at two a.m.
Why you in trouble again
Don't wanna be your friend no more
Boy, why you messin' with the law
Thinking that you'd always walk
Always get away with it somehow
And i'm that one phone call that you can make
Asking me to lie for you
it's a risk that i just can't take

Why would you do a thing like that
Asking me to cover you up
I tell them you're guilty, guilty
You getting no alibis from me
Why would you do a thing like that
i'm not always gonna have your back
And I want nothing to do with do with this...

Hey, when are you gonna grow up
Something has to make you stop
It used to be cute, but it's not so funny no more
Don't always wanna bail you out
You got my number - it sucks
All I can say that it's enough
Are you serious -  the only one you got is me
You don't listen to advice
So i gotta quit being nice 

(c) 2021 Arlene Mordeno