From the recording Many miles away



I'm not your average girl
Not afraid to say what I am thinkin'
I won't be holding back
Just because I'm not what you expected
Why do I need to be
Weaker than who I really am
You may not like it but
Just understand

What's in my head and in my heart
Is so real no need to prove it
This is me and what you see is what you get
Don't like to lie or pretend
It's tiring to rehearse a story
Proud to say that I sleep easily at night
There's no guilt of lying over lies
I swear to myself and to you
I'm made of the truth

I am not perfect
But I'm secure enough that I accept it
Proud I'm authentic
I got flaws that I'm not hiding
No, I don't want to be
Shallow cuz it's not who I am
You may not like it but
I'm deeper than that

Wouldn't change my point of view to satisfy you
Don't like to sugarcoat
Truth's not always sweet
But that's what you get from me

Arlene Mordeno,